Speed Identity, one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier within biometrics and security systems, cooperates with authorities, organisations and companies all over the world. We make the world safer by developing security solutions for the control of identification- and passport documents.

Data Capture

Speed Capture G3X

  • Standardized, high-quality data capture
  • Optimized photo illumination system
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Self-service friendly
  • Proven in-field track record Read more

Speed Capture Elevator 1300

  • Floor mounted elevator for biometric data enrollment in a Speed Capture G3 station. Read more

Speed Capture Booth (B1000)

  • Meets the requirements of ICAO/ISO standards
  • Compliant with digital picture production
  • Accessible for everyone Read more

Speed Capture Station (G2)

  • Adjustable in height
  • Signature pad with true ballpoint feeling
  • Built-in sensors with protection against wear and tear
  • Lighting conditions fulfils the requirements from the ISO standard IEC 19794-5/FPDAM 1 Read more