Speed Capture G3

Speed Identity introduce Speed Capture G3, the 3rd generation integrated biometric data capture system for e-Passports, Visas, Driving licenses and national ID cards.

About G3
• Extremely compact and well-designed all-in-one solution for capturing biographic and biometric data in an all-digital workflow
• A standard, modular enrollment platform to end users and partners

SpeedCapture_G3_Station_webAll-in-one Solution
The Speed Capture G3 is a complete solution for capturing biographic and biometric data including face photography, fingerprints and signature, in an all-digital workflow. The system is prepared for Iris-capture and its modular design allows for integration of a wide range of input sensors and quality-control software. Full interactivity and self-service mode is possible through the integrated touch screen and built-in audio hardware support.

High Quality Biometric Data
The Speed Capture API includes quality-check software to ensure ICAO and ISO compliance for face photography and NIST/BMS-compliance for fingerprints. In a typical application, fingerprint, signature and face photo files are retrieved by the host system from the G3 after the quality check algorithms have been applied, so that all data leaving the G3 match pre-defined levels of quality.

Secure Intact Digital Chain
In a robust workflow set-up, the biometric data, captured on the G3 is matched with the applicant so that biometric data is securely tied to the applicant, with no possibility of tampering with the data. The concept of "Live Enrollment” is critical, as any files from outside sources, such as print photographs, may have been manipulated. The efficient and secure all-digital workflow for biometric ID documents is patented by Speed Identity. *

Software and Integration

Integration against the Speed Capture platform may can be done directly against the Speed Capture hardware using proven, well-documented SDK:s and drivers. Speed Identity can supply custom OS images and consulting in software integration. In addition, the Speed Capture platform is fully compatible with Secunet Biomiddle Biometric Middleware, which offers easy higher-level integration based on the open Bio-API standard. Secunet Biomiddle brings further benefits such as hardware independency, scalable functionality and integrated face Q/A support.

General facts
• Fast and easy integration into existing IT-environments
• Integrates smoothly with handling- and administrative systems
All peripherals for a complete biometric data capture such as fingerprint readers, cameras etc. are intregrated.

The Speed Capture unit supports all of the required standards
• ISO-19794-5 for biometric facial recognition and ISO-19794 for fingerprints (IEC 19794-5/FPDAM)
• ICAO-compliant: fulfills requirements stipulated by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)
• Visa Information System (VIS) - a prerequisite for global interoperability for machine readable travel documents.

Configurations (Tailor-made)
As our customer, you get a solution that is completely tailored to your needs:
two-and three-dimensional facial scanner, fingerprint and iris reading systems.

Software & API
The software platform allows for easy integration into existing IT-environments and different administrative systems used by authorities today. The standardisation and the quality assurance is done within the enrolment station. It guarantees a short development time and a cost effective operation and maintenance.
The enrolment station is controlled via a web service API (Application Programmable Interface). Speed Capture API software pack controls all input sensors (photo, fingerprint, signature, etc), quality parameters and file formats.

All data capture and controls are performed in the unit itself.
• Includes quality-check ICAO/ISO compliance
• Software based on a secure web service
• Standard Programming Interfaces

Easy integration with host applications:
- National authorities
- Producers of ID-documents

Time and Cost Saving Operation and Maintenance
With this system you will also see results in a substantially higher productivity as well as higher quality in terms of security and production yield. The process is smooth, which decreases the working time, compared to taking photos and then scanning the images

All peripherals for the capturing of complete biometric data, such as fingerprint readers, cameras, etc are included in the photo station. Our system can be kept more consistent and reduce the administrative costs for upgrades and maintenance.

Speed Capture G3X

Speed Capture G3X is a significantly updated version of the successful G3 which has proven its merits worldwide since 2011.Read more